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The Power of Independence – Northern Sight Optometry

Dr. Amrit Bilkhu and Dr. Manraj Fervaha discusses Independent Optometry and Eye Recommend

What does independent optometry mean to you?

Independent optometry reflects autonomy and personalized patient care, by allowing us to uphold our values and prioritize patient needs without corporate influence. It enables us to foster genuine relationships with our patients and empowers us to practice optometry according to our own standards.

What are some challenges you have faced as an independent optometrist, and how have you overcome these challenges?

Our main challenge has been covering start-up expenses to support both staff and patients in our independent practice, but joining Eye Recommend has been incredibly helpful. Being a member gives us access to training programs at no additional cost for our team’s development and special discounts from vendors, allowing us to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices for our patients.

"[Independent optometry] enables us to foster genuine relationships with our patients and empowers us to practice optometry according to our own standards."

- Dr. Amrit Bilkhu, FAAO, FOVDR

What about Eye Recommend drew you to the network?

Becoming an Eye Recommend member was a natural choice for us because they’re committed to supporting independent optometry through extensive resources for personal and business growth, such as staff training and business coaching. Their proven success with independent practices gives us added confidence in our own journey with Northern Sight Optometry. 

What drew you to the profession of optometry?

Optometry offers a unique blend of healthcare and business, integrating technology to enhance patient care. Being an Optometrist also gives us the opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives as vision is the most important sense we have.


- Dr. Manraj Fervaha


What's something you are proud of in regards to your team and practice?

We take pride in our tight-knit team, with each member bringing diverse skills, a love for eye care, and a friendly personality. Our focus on open communication and a supportive work environment enables us to deliver quality care and create a welcoming atmosphere, which patients frequently compliment us for.

What's one piece of advice you would give to students who are interested in pursuing a career in independent optometry?

With the right resources and support, independent practice is possible. It provides a sense of fulfillment and allows you to be a valuable part of your community. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice with total freedom and autonomy, without any restrictions on how to provide care for your patients.


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