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Our Story 

Member Focused for Optometrists Like You.

Your Community

Our mission is to be the premier professional group dedicated to the success of independent optometry in Canada, delivering practice and personal growth to it's members.

We support a network of engaged and independent optometrists by providing business management and personal resources to ensure/assist with their success.

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Representing Independent Optometry Doctors Across Canada

The Eye Recommend network of independent optometry clinics is unique. We’re an incorporated business and cooperative dedicated to our members. We leverage the power of our network to bring the best technology, resources, and services to provide our members the advantages required to grow their independent clinics.

Today our network of member clinics is coast to coast and we’re proud to support each optometrist in serving their local community.

The Core Principles That Guide Our Community and Operations:


Average Yearly Contributions

Our members live where you live, in your local community. We believe in giving back and making a difference.

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