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Membership Interest

Welcome to Eye Recommend, the premier independent optometry cooperative with a robust and united community of over 600 members across Canada. 

Joining Eye Recommend means becoming a part of something bigger—a collective force that's driving positive change in the world of optometry. We are dedicated to shaping the future of optometry through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to exceptional eye care.

As a member of Eye Recommend, you'll become an integral part of a thriving network of passionate optometrists who value independence, patient-centric care, and professional growth. Our cooperative provides a unique platform for optometrists to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively elevate the standards of eye care nationwide.

Here at Eye Recommend, we understand the power of unity. Collaboration and support are the cornerstones of our cooperative. Our members benefit from shared resources, joint marketing initiatives, and group purchasing power that enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of their practices. With access to a vast network of industry partners, suppliers, and educational resources, you'll be equipped to provide exceptional care while maintaining the independence that sets your practice apart.

Membership Application Forms

Please select an application form based on your working experience as an optometrist. 

I Have 7 Years or More of Working Experience

I Have Less Than 7 Years of Working Experience